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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

华联国中校训 - 《礼义廉耻》 SCHOOL MOTTO

礼 -   华联国中的学生是有礼的;他以礼待人,孝顺父母,敬重师长,服从领袖。
COURTESY - To respect our parents and teachers ; be civil to our friends and obediet to our leader.

义- 华联国中的学生是重义的; 他见义勇为,见利思义,嫉恶如仇,主持正义。
JUSTICE - To speak the truth and be ready to defend any just cause without hesitation.

廉- 华联国中的学生是有廉洁的;他爱护公物,不取不义之财;他思想纯洁,行为光明正大。
INTEGRITY - To be sincere and trustworthy; to think and work honourably.

耻- 华联国中的学生是知耻的:他行己有耻,洁身自爱;不耻下问,力求上进。
SELF - WORTH - To endeavour, to improve ourselves and attain excellence in whatever we venture into.

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